Carpets can trap just about everything, including common allergens such as dust and pet dander. If you are asthmatic or suffer from seasonal allergies, carpet cleaning may help matters some.

Here are useful guidelines on carpet cleaning for a household where one or more family members has allergies.

Leave Everything to the Professionals

Any type of cleaning process may only stir up the particles trapped in the carpet. It's therefore easy to see just how severe a flare-up you are more than likely to experience should you insist on doing the deep carpet cleaning yourself.

You should also ensure that you choose a cleaning company that provides pick-up and drop-off services. It's best to stay out of the cleaners' way to avoid any of the stirred-up particles, so you can go into another room or even leave the house as they pick up the carpet.

More Cleans Every Year

While others can get away with scheduling deep carpet cleaning for just one or two times a year, you will need to consider doing it more often. You can adjust your cleaning schedule accordingly if there are changes to the amount of foot traffic you experience. You should have the cleaning done around that time of year when it's allergy season.

Similarly, ensure that you vacuum your carpet regularly. Again, while once a week may do for others without allergies, you may want to do it two or three times every week. You can have another member of the household do all the vacuuming. For the best results, you should consider investing in a quality HEPA-filtered vacuum.

Careful with Your Choice of Carpet Cleaning Method

There are different carpet cleaning methods, each with its own pros and cons if you are making a comparison. If you experience allergies, then you should insist that the cleaning service avoid any method that has a long drying time.

Steam cleaning or the hot water extraction may, therefore, not be an ideal choice for you. This is to avoid the risk, however minimal it may be, of mould and dust mites growing and settling on your carpet in the time it takes to dry up completely. The more contemporary dry-cleaning method is always a great choice.

Scheduling regular carpet cleaning is one way to improve the quality of your indoor air. With that, and especially if you follow the pointers outlined above, among others, you should have no reason to worry about frequent allergy flare-ups.

To learn some more about carpet cleaning, feel free to reach out to cleaning specialists to get some more info.