Asbestos is a construction material known to cause diseases such as asbestosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, pleural effusion and mesothelioma. It is for this reason that property owners should remove asbestos. Read the guide below to learn how to remove asbestos in your home. 

Consider The Services Of An Asbestos Removal Company

In Australia, you are allowed to remove a maximum of 102 meters of non-friable asbestos. Given the risks of asbestos contamination, it is highly advisable that you hire an asbestos removal company. When hiring a removal company, ask for a valid operating licence to ensure that they can conduct asbestos removal works. Additionally, the company should have adequate insurance coverage. Remember to inquire about the company's availability, terms and pricing. 

Inspect The House

The abatement company will inspect your property and conduct asbestos tests to establish the type of asbestos, its location and volume. Non-friable asbestos can be found on the floors, roof and walls. On the other hand, friable asbestos can be found in duct insulation, paintwork, ceiling tiles and fire retardant materials. Non-friable asbestos becomes friable once it is disturbed. For example, worn-out asbestos roofing or tiles could become friable. 

Asbestos Removal Tips

Below are some safety tips to observe when removing asbestos: 

  • The asbestos removalists should have safety gear to prevent inhalation of asbestos fibres.
  • Spray the asbestos with water to prevent the release of asbestos fibres during removal.
  • The removalist should not use power tools to remove or break the asbestos.
  • Seal the rooms to avoid the dispersal of asbestos fibres. Additionally, barricade the house to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing the asbestos removal site. 

After removing the asbestos, the removalist should clean the site using a vacuum cleaner approved to clean asbestos fibres. Additionally, they should conduct an air test to ensure the property does not have asbestos contamination. 

Asbestos Disposal

The removed asbestos should be put in plastic bags designed to handle the asbestos waste. It should be transported and disposed of in a landfill approved to manage the asbestos waste. Asbestos cannot be burnt or broken down. Instead, it is buried in the ground. The removalist's PPEs should be cleaned in a facility licenced to clean asbestos-contaminated clothing. Alternatively, it should be disposed of alongside the removed asbestos. 

Asbestos can negatively affect the value of your home and cause a wide range of illnesses. When conducting asbestos removal, work with a licenced asbestos abatement company, inspect your property and observe the recommended asbestos removal and disposal tips.