The main objective for any business is to turn a profit because without this a business simply cannot survive. This does not mean, however, that small businesses need to be solely focused on profit, and there are many small business owners who also put a great emphasis on service, ethics and environmental concerns. The ethos of a business drills right down into every action a business takes, and this includes even seemingly innocuous things like choice of cleaning products and cleaning services.

If you are a small business owner, and you haven't considered the benefits of spending a little more on natural office cleaning, here are some reasons that should convince you to go green.

Look after your employees. The most important commodity that any business has, whether a large conglomerate or a start-up, is its employees. Every business owner knows that they need to motivate and inspire employees, but have you considered that you can even do this by reconsidering your daily cleaning service? There are many people who have conditions such as allergies or asthma, and the toxic ingredients in synthetic cleaning products can trigger adverse reactions. Switch to natural cleaning products, and your employees will be healthier, meaning they will be able to do a better job each day, and they will also feel that their health needs are being respected.

Choose an option that's better for the environment. There is no greater threat to our planet at the moment than climate change, and businesses have a real opportunity to contribute positively to the climate change crisis by carrying out business activities in a carbon-neutral way as much as possible. From a position of self-interest, this is good for a business because green credentials carry a lot of weight in the 21st century, and there are many prospective clients who will only choose to spend money with companies that operate in a green way. The bonus is that you get to have a clear conscience in knowing that your business does not use toxic products that are environmentally harmful.

Save money. You're probably wondering how spending more money on cleaning services is going to save you money, but of course, one of the fundamental principles of business is that you have to invest to generate money. By investing in green cleaning services, you are investing in the health (and therefore productivity) of your workforce, and you are investing in the positive green ethos of your company (which can be an attractive selling point).