People who want to sell their upholstered furniture will often hire upholstering cleaning companies to spruce up their items before they advertise them to buyers. Here are two reasons why.

It allows them to get their upholstered furniture clean without ruining the fabric

Whilst there are lots of upholstery detergents available at supermarkets, those who want to sell their upholstered furniture items for a high price will usually opt to have their upholstered items washed by a professional instead. The main reason for this is that a cleaner who specialises in this work will be better able to clean the furniture without ruining its fabric. If a person were to, for example, use some upholstering cleaning spray and a scrubbing sponge on their armchair to remove its stains, there is a chance that the combination of the harsh detergent, the abrasive sponge and incorrect cleaning techniques might cause the fabric to fray or get discoloured in the spots where the person scrubbed a bit too hard. If this happens, then they might have to lower the price of the furniture.

Conversely, professional upholstery cleaners will normally use effective-but-gentle tools, such as steam cleaners, that remove stains without the need for lots of scrubbing or harsh detergents. Furthermore, even in instances where a piece of furniture needs to be scrubbed after being steam-cleaned, a professional who has washed many different kinds of upholstered items before, and is familiar with different fabrics, will know how much pressure or scrubbing a particular upholstery fabric can handle without getting ruined. As such, those who want to ensure that their upholstered furniture doesn't get ruined in the process of preparing it to be sold will normally seek the help of professional upholstery cleaners.

It ensures that the furniture is odour-free

Another reason why those who plan to sell their upholstered furniture will choose to get it professionally cleaned is that this is the best way to ensure that it is odour free when they try to sell it. Upholstered furniture that has been used regularly can often develop odours as a result of everyday wear. Unpleasant odours of any kind are likely to put buyers off purchasing a furniture item, even if there aren't any visible stains on it, as these odours can indicate that the furniture might not be sanitary.

The gentle, fresh-smelling cleaning detergents a professional cleaner will normally apply to an upholstered furniture item will, when used in conjunction with a bacteria-killing steam cleaner, help to eliminate all of the furniture's unpleasant and unhygienic odours, rather than simply masking them. This will then ensure that when buyers come to look at the furniture, it will smell just as clean as it looks.

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