Mould can be a nuisance in your home. It is dangerous for your health and can also cost you a lot of cash. That is why you should get rid of mould as soon as you can. You can choose to deal with the process of mould removal alone instead of calling the experts. The important thing is that you handle the job correctly. You will likely get exposed to potential hazards when you do not understand the best processes for mould removal. Here are some mistakes you should avoid during the process.

Using Bleach

Most people believe that bleach can kill the fungus. Using bleach, however, can only cause the mould to come back. That is because bleach only kills the mould on the surface instead of at the roots. The water in the product creates a biosphere for the continued growth of mould. After a few months, the fungus will come back and may have spread to more areas. 

The best product to use during mould removal is borax. Mix one cup of borax with about 3.7 litres of water. Apply the solution to the mould-infested areas, but do not use it on porous surfaces. Porous materials absorb water, and that will lead to a worse mould problem. After applying the solution, use a wire brush or rag to clean the mould then rinse it off. The area does not need complete rinsing as borax prevents mildew growth. 

Thinking All the Mould Is Gone

Most homeowners make the mistake of thinking they have gotten rid of all the mould when they have not. In most cases, when you see mildew in your house, there is more than you can see. Mould spores are light and tiny, making them easy to spread. Once you find mould in your house, inspect other areas to ensure there is no hidden mould. Have a professional help you locate all places that have fungus even if you handle the cleaning alone. 

Painting Over Mould

Using mould-resistant paint over mould will not contain or kill the mildew present. The mildew will continue growing under the paint. After some time, it will eventually penetrate the paint. Also, you will continue suffering from health issues since the mould is still in the house. Therefore, you will likely end up with a more significant problem in the future. Use mould-resistant paint after cleaning the surface to prevent the growth of mould.

In conclusion, learn the best processes to get rid of mould in your house. If the problem continues to escalate, then it is time to call in the mould removal experts.

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