Carpet blowers are fans that can be used to dry your carpet out after washing it.  You may not have thought of using one before, so what are the pros and cons of using one?

The pros

The main advantage of a carpet blower is speed. If you have washed a carpet, you may have gotten fed up with how long it takes before you can walk on it again and with having to suffer the inconvenience of having furniture temporarily stored in another room. This is a particular problem in areas with high levels of humidity where carpets do not naturally dry out quickly. A carpet blower will dry the room out almost immediately, allowing you to get the house back to normal at once.

They are also more hygienic. Wet carpets will attract mould and mildew, which can cause problems with allergies. By drying them out quickly, you will ensure that this will not happen to your carpet. You will also be removing bacteria and other germs — they thrive in wet environments, and a damp carpet will be an ideal breeding ground. By using a carpet blower to remove the moisture, you will ensure that you are removing this potential health hazard from your home.

Finally, a carpet blower can remove any residues from the cleaning solutions and shampoos that you used to clean the carpet. Particles from cleaners can sometimes remain stuck in the carpet which can spoil its appearance. Using a carpet blower will ensure that all the cleaner is removed.

The cons

There are a few negative points to consider. Most obviously, a carpet blower will cost money, and if you are on a budget, you will have to think carefully about whether the benefits justify the cost.

They can also be bulky and heavy. You will need somewhere out of the way to store it, and you will need to consider how you can safely move your blower from room to room. This is a particular problem if you will need to use it upstairs.

You should also be aware that a carpet blower can be a very noisy device. Although some of them operate much more quietly, this is an option that will probably make it more expensive.

However, a carpet blower is ultimately a fast and hygienic way of drying out your carpets and is well worth considering for your home or office. For more information, reach out to a professional who has carpet blowers available.