The use of garbage chutes is widespread in tall or high-rise buildings where lots of rubbish gets produced quickly. These rubbish removal systems work by directing waste from higher floors of a building to a central waste collection point, which is usually a roll-off bin or garbage room located on the ground floor of the building. There is a door opening – called a hopper door – located on each floor of the building to allow for safe, convenient, and hygienic dumping of waste. 

That said, dirty garbage chutes can create a lot of problems for building residents, office staff, and building owners. If you have a rubbish removal chute in your building, it is imperative to have it cleaned properly and regularly.

Read on to discover the benefits of undertaking regular cleaning maintenance on your garbage chute.

Helps Get Rid of Harmful Germs and Bacteria

The kind of waste that people throw down garbage chutes can make you cringe. For example, residents of high-rise apartment buildings will often throw old food, cat litter, baby nappies, and other kinds of waste that carry harmful germs and bacteria through your hopper doors.

As a result, you'll end up with a filthy build-up sticking to the hopper doors, internal walls of your chutes, rubbish compactor, and garbage collection unit. Having your rubbish chute cleaned on a regular basis will help prevent health problems that may arise from human contact with the bacteria-carrying buildup in the chute.

Helps Neutralise Bad Odour

A dirty garbage chute doesn't just harbour harmful germs and bacteria – it can also produce a stench that can make your building unsanitary. The nasty smells are usually caused by a buildup of filthy waste in the chute.

Regular cleaning of your rubbish chute will help get rid of unpleasant odours, thus ensuring good air quality within your building.

Helps Keep Pesky Pests at Bay

You may find garbage smells to be repellent, but pests like flies, cockroaches, fruit flies, rats, and mice are more often attracted to such smells. Making sure that your rubbish chute is clean and free of unpleasant odour is essential for keeping pests off your property.

Garbage chutes may be a safe, convenient, and effective method of removing rubbish from taller buildings, but they require proper and regular cleaning maintenance to avoid many problems. For more information, contact a business near you that offers rubbish chute services.