A term that is frequently associated with commercial cleaning supplies is 'industrial strength', and this is not a mere buzzword. While conventional supplies utilised for both home and office do contain chemicals, what separates the commercial variety is the potency tends to be much higher. Although this does help with stripping away tough stains and killing off pathogens and bacteria, it also comes with a range of other issues that you would have to deal with.

As a business owner, you have both an environmental and a societal responsibility to ensure your operations are not causing undue harm. So while you could be engaging cruelty-free practices, you should also ensure your organisation is not causing chemical contamination. A good place to start is with the cleaning supplies used in your commercial space. Other than the environmental benefits that green cleaning offers, here are additional reasons why your organisation should go green when sourcing commercial cleaning supplies. 

Limit the threat of injury

One of the most compelling reasons why your office should solely rely on green commercial cleaning supplies is to eliminate the risk of injury to both the janitorial staff and your employees. Because industrial-strength cleaning chemicals are known to be hazardous to humans, anyone using them has to wear gloves, goggles and a range of other types of protective clothing.

If some chemicals are left lingering on workspaces, your employees stand the chance of getting hurt due to acid burns or other hazards. Furthermore, the cleaning staff that works with these chemicals directly are at a higher risk of trauma to their eyes and nose. Green cleaning supplies are renowned for their gentle yet effective ingredients that will not injure people. 

Enhance air quality 

The air quality in your office will have a direct influence on the productivity of your employees. If the air they are breathing every day is contaminated with toxic fumes and other chemical substances, you will find that you are contending with the continuous issue of employee absences due to sick days. Moreover, if any member of your staff is already battling with an underlying respiratory issue such as asthma or bronchitis, the low air quality will exacerbate these conditions and consequently adversely affect their health.

To eliminate any irritation to one's nose, throat, eyes and skin, it is time to switch to green cleaning supplies. Since these products do not contain toxic ingredients, they will not pollute the air quality of your offices. In fact, some may go as far as creating a pleasant environment if they contain essential oils such as eucalyptus, lemon or peppermint as these oils are known for their ability to uplift one's mood and promote focus. 

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