Here are two reasons why you should use an upholstery cleaning service before you attempt to sell your property.

Beautifully clean upholstered furniture will help people to perceive your home in a positive light

Even though you probably won't be including the upholstered furniture in the sale of the property, it's still important to ensure that it's spotlessly clean. Beautiful furniture can make your property look like a lovely, well-cared for home, that potential buyers could feel happy and content living in. Conversely, if your upholstered furniture is dusty and stained, potential buyers might perceive the property as a whole to be unclean and unattractive, when in reality, it is simply the unsightliness of the furniture that is putting them off.

Even if your upholstered pieces are a bit threadbare, they will still look good if you leave them in the hands of an experienced upholstery cleaning expert for a few hours. With their stains removed and the fabric vacuumed, even old pieces will look newer and less faded than they did before.

It will remove any odours the furniture might have

Another important reason to use an upholstery cleaning service in this situation is that the cleaner will remove any odours that the furniture might have developed over the years that you've had and used it. They will do this by spot-cleaning whiffy stains, deep-cleaning the entire upholstered item and then using odour-neutralising products on areas that need it.

This is crucial because if the first thing buyers notice when they enter your carefully-staged home is, for example, the smell of mud or old food coming from the sofa, they might not be as appreciative of the lovely features of your home that you or the estate agent points out to them, as they might be distracted and put off by the upholstery's odour. If, however, you have this furniture cleaned, the only thing people will notice is its fresh scent and clean appearance, and their ability to pay attention to and appreciate your property's best features won't be compromised by the furniture's odour.

Ensuring the furniture is odour-free is also a sensible thing to do if you're not taking it with you when you move but are instead planning to donate or sell it, as in either case, you'll need to make sure it smells and looks clean before you hand it over to the op-shop or the buyer.