If you have employees, you have a duty of responsibility to look after them. You need to ensure that the structure is safe and that there are no conditions within that could give rise to a hazard or cause potential harm. However, some of these challenges can be difficult to pin down, especially when it comes to mould in the air. What do you need to be aware of so that you do your duty and keep your people safe?

Mould in the Air

Mould spores are endemic throughout society and, typically, do not cause people any lasting harm. These spores are invisible to the human eye, but they will only gather and flourish if conditions are perfect and they are allowed to do so when unchecked.

Illness or Disease

Some mould species can cause illness or disease and are typically poisonous when they are ingested. However, most mould spores will trigger a reaction in those who are sensitive or may be allergic to the species in question.


An allergic reaction can cause multiple different symptoms, from breathing difficulties to skin conditions. Some people who may suffer from those symptoms may not realise that the condition has been triggered by mould and may simply put the situation down to a common cold or other reaction.

Getting Down to Work

You need to look for trigger conditions within your property.

  • Do any of your rooms suffer from excess humidity for prolonged periods? This can be the case in bathrooms or other areas that may have poor ventilation.
  • Does your air conditioning system work correctly, and has it been serviced in recent times?
  • Do you have any "dark areas" in these rooms? For example, the back of a wooden cupboard that may rest against a wall is a prime location for mould infestation in a poorly ventilated room.

Locating Problems

Have a look in these difficult to reach areas or in the air conditioning vents. Bring in a hygrometer to check humidity levels throughout the building to see if you have any conditions that could cause potential trouble.

What to Do Next

If you do find any mould infestation, bring in professional cleaners as soon as possible. As you work to change the situation for the future, these cleaners will get rid of your current problem so that your staff members can once again work without issue.

For more information on mould removal, contact local mould remediation professionals.